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The Leaf Razor + Leaf Stand + Recycling Tin + 60 Blades

The Leaf Razor + Leaf Stand + Recycling Tin + 60 Blades

R2 995,00Price

Looking to swap out your plastic razor for a pivoting head metal razor? Now's your opportunity to grab a Leaf Razor Kits at a discount and feel the difference a quality safety razor with pivoting head can make.

The Leaf Razor is the world's most advanced plastic-free razor. There is quite literally nothing else like it. The difference is felt in the results, the only thing you'll wonder is why you didn't make the switch earlier. This Leaf Kit comes with a razor, stand, 60 blades in total and a blade recycling tin - you'll be set for a long while :).

The Leaf Shave company obsessively engineers the best razors on, and for Earth.

Everything about this innovative razor is designed to bring shaving plastic-free into the 21st century for any body, shaving anywhere.

The Leaf Razor Kits include a pivoting head razor, matching razor stand, pack of 50 single edge blades and a metal tin for storing your used blades.

If you've been thinking about making the swap from a plastic razor now's the time. These kits offer the best pricing on all four items - the razor, the stand, the blades and blade bank. Quantities are limited.

Proprietary 3-blade design

You can load 1, 2 or 3 blades into The Leaf razor to truly customize it to suit your needs. Want the closest shave? Load all 3. Want to dial things back? Remove the bottom blade. The stacked blades are spaced further apart than cartridges for an irritation-free, efficient shave.

The head pivots. Game over.

Leaf Shave is the world leader in modern plastic-free razor design. The best invention in shaving in the past 60 years was the pivoting head, but it was wasted on wasteful plastic razors. The Leaf's pivoting head is the game-changer that the world has been waiting for. Shave confident, shave safely. Leaf Shave.

Use any blades.

All of Leaf razors are designed to be open and compatible with any standard safety razor blade. Leaf blades come as single-edges, ready to load right out of the wrapper. Yet any double-edge blade can be snapped in half to yield two single-edges as well.

Magnetic blade assist, safe easy loading.

Confidently load each blade with the help of embedded magnets. The razor doesn't rely on magnets to hold blades in during shaving (the screw does this job), but the magnets help you learn how to load the blades confidently and safely. Once you give it a few loads, you're a pro.

All-metal razor, built to last.

This razor is a tool, with utility and a life that will grow old with you. It's durable and resilient, finished to resist rust and corrosion with simple care. Backed by a lifetime warranty, The Leaf is with you for as long as you want to keep shaving. If it ever finds an end of life, it'll be recycled as scrap metal having served well.

What's in the box

The Leaf razor (incl. 10-blades)

Leaf Stand

50x Single Edge blade pack

Recycling Tin

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