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Yaqi South Africa And Shaving Supplies was started as the official distributor of Yaqi brushes and products in South Africa, and later branched off to stock a wide variety of shaving products from different companies to suit all your shaving and grooming needs.

Our Story

Barber’s Grooming Tips

We recommend using a pre shave balm or showering before a shave in order to properly soften your beard or stubble to ensure a top notch shave.

Lather Up

We recommend making use of traditional shaving techniques such as using a brush and traditional shaving soap to create a luxurious and slick lather for the best shaving experience.


We recommend replacing your cartridge razor with a traditional safety razor. Making the switch will not only save you tons of money, but you can kiss the tugging and skin irritation associated with using a cartridge razor good bye.





Moisturizing and aftershave care

We recommend making use of an aftershave splash to disinfect your skin after a shave or an aftershave balm if you require that extra bit of moisture after a shave.

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