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Super Hydrating Rejuvenating Serum 30ml

Super Hydrating Rejuvenating Serum 30ml


Super-hydrating serum, infused with

Hyaluronic acid which Deeply hydrates dry skin, soothes rough patches, flaking and dryness. Skin feels super soft and intensely hydrated.

Niacinamide which boosts collagen production to improve skin texture, including smoothness, fine lines and wrinkles and helps brighten and fade hyperpigmentation

Aloe vera gel which prevents the stripping of the skin of it's natural oils and replenishes lost moisture. This will help your skin look really soft, supple and glowing

Panthenol which is an effective skincare ingredient which can moisturise the skin, reduce inflammation, and help wounds heal faster.

Witch hazel which is a versatile astringent that's used to treat various skin concerns. It's known to tighten skin, soothe irritation, and treat acne

Rose water is an antibacterial. This means that it fights off bacteria that could lead to infections. Using rose water for face and body care can prevent wounds such as burns and cuts becoming infected and it can also be used to reduce the appearance of scars.

A true power house SERUM that no man or woman should be without!!!

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