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Godzilla Razor

Godzilla Razor

SKU: RAC1802

Yaqi is a newcomer to the traditional shaving world, but today it’s been embraced by many shavers around the world and it’s not surprising since Yaqi provides good craftmanship at a very affordable pricing. They have been producing all kinds of shaving brush since from 2007 in Shijiazhuang, China. 

The RAG-1802 Godzilla model is a 3-piece razor with an open comb head design YAQI Godzilla's oversized handle makes gripping with big hands easy and the amazing 227g weight means it glides around your face with no effort at all (other than holding it). 

Yaqi Godzilla Safety Razor specifications:

Overall height         : 104 mm

Handle height         : 100 mm

Handle diameter     :   19 mm

Weight                    : 227 gr

Handle material      : Brass, chrome 

Razor head material: Zinc Alloy
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