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Master Soap Creations Soap & Splash FROSTED LAVENDER

Master Soap Creations Soap & Splash FROSTED LAVENDER


Product Details

Brand: Master Soap Creations

Net Weight 170g 6oz

From Master Soap Creations:

Traditional, lathering shaving soap.

Scent: Lavender and a kick of menthol

This shaving soap is the ring, with phenomenal longevity, and an amazing post-shave feel. It is a tallow-based soap that produces plenty of quality protection that stays on the face. The addition of shea butter, glycerine, avocado oil, and bentonite clay rounds out this excellent offering.

Frosted Lavender shaving soap by Master Soap Creations is a Lavender scented soap loaded with menthol to give you that awesome cooling effect while you shave. Prepare to be transported into another dimension when you try this soap cause this soap is simply out of this world.

Size: 170g/6oz approx.

This aftershave is a simple concoction of witch hazel and rose water to soothe, glycerin to moisturize, and fragrance to delight. No alcohol in this formula to sting and burn, just the wonderful comfort of witch hazel and rose water.

vegetable glycerine, avocado oil, bentonite clay, sodium hydroxide, pure essential oils, fragrance oils, and tallow.

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