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Master Soap Creations Shaving Soap, Grapefruit Zest

Master Soap Creations Shaving Soap, Grapefruit Zest

Traditional, lathering shaving soap


Scented with zesty grapefruit

A traditional shaving soap, this tallow-based wonder meets all your wet shaving needs. It is easy to lather, long lasting, slick, protective, and leaves you with a wonderful post-shave face feel. The butter, oils, and clay combine to nourish your skin. 

Are you a citrus soap lover? Then you will want to check out this simple, zesty grapefruit aroma. Just a simple scent without multiple layers and complexity. It is great to combine with your favorite cologne as it won’t compete. 

Size: 170g of shave soap 

Ingredients: stearic acid, shea butter, potassium hydroxide, purified aqua, vegetable glycerine, avocado oil, bentonite clay, sodium hydroxide, pure essential oils, fragrance oils, tallow.


This splash is a non-alcohol based post-shave product that provides soothing and moisturizing with just a few simple ingredients. If you don’t love the sting of alcohol, you will appreciate this splash. Witch hazel and rosewood combine with glycerin to nourish your just shaved face.

The aroma of grapefruit is a zesty, sweet, citrus punch in this fragrance. Simple, but lovely, especially for the hot weather months. Put it in your summer rotation. Or anytime you want a zesty, citrus vibe. 

Size: approx. 110ml

Ingredients: witch hazel, rose water, Glycerin, polysorbate, phenoxyethanol, essential oils and fragrance oils. 
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